Are You Eating Enough Protein?

Protein is one the most important macro nutrients needed for the body’s development. It is a very good body builder and it keeps us feeling filled for longer periods of time. It is very important to have at least one protein meal daily to live a healthy life. Protein is also a good source of energy.

In this article, a few signs are mentioned that you should watch out to know that you are not getting enough protein.

1. Food cravings

When you constantly crave for food and snacks in between meals, it shows that you have been on a high carb/sugar and low protein diet. Protein evens out blood sugar.

2. Constant muscle and joint pain

When you begin to experience flabby muscles and muscle weakness, this is a sign that your muscles or joint fluid is breaking down to supplement calories, instead of using the protein you consume to build cells, tissues and muscles.

3. Trouble with your hair, skin and nails

When your hair start getting thin and falling out, and both your skin and nails begin to peel, this may be the sign that your body is not getting enough protein.

4. Slow recovery from injuries

This is major sign of deficiency in protein because protein is required to heal and build new cells, tissue and skin and also for immunity.

5. What to do if you are lacking protein?

You should reduce your intake of processed foods with lots of carbs and sugar and replace them with whole foods like meat, chicken, fish, eggs, dairy and the likes. There is a lot of protein in plant foods and animal foods as well.

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If you don’t really like eating protein foods, you can consider getting a powdered protein supplement made from whey, peas, rice, soy or eggs.

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