An Excellent Workout to Boost Your Strength and Power

Plyometric exercise is a form of exercise that involves the rapid stretching and contracting of muscles to develop muscular power. Plyometrics are based on a foundation of strength, technique and conditioning, and should be performed for maximum benefits. Although it is important to use maximum effort in these movements, you should not sacrifice proper form or technique to do so. You can add plyometrics to your strength training workouts to help improve your strength and overall performance.

Below are some exercises that are considered to be one of the best power workouts for experienced athletes.

1. Dumbbell bench press + Medicine-ball wall chest press

To do the dumbbell bench press, maintain five points of contact with the bench, with a slight arch in your back. With your arms extended and dumbbells lowered alongside your chest, keep your wrists straight and directly above your elbows. Then, push the dumbbells upward until your elbows are fully extended.

To do the medicine-ball wall chest press, face a wall 5-feet away with the medicine ball at your chest and elbows fixed. Now, move your arms slightly backward before the actual throw, and throw the ball to the wall with both hands. Catch the ball as it rebounds, and repeat.

Repeat the dumbbell bench press for about 8 times, and switch to the medicine-ball wall chest press immediately after the last rep of the dumbbell bench press. Once you are done with both, relax for a minute or two and then repeat all over again.

2. Sit-ups + Sit-ups throw-to-wall with Medicine-ball

Do sit-ups with your feet on the floor and about 5 feet away from the wall. For the sit-ups with a medicine ball, hold the ball at your chest and keep your torso at a 45-degree angle. Then perform a high chest pass to the wall to build momentum, which counts as one rep. Throw the first chest pass against the wall one foot above your head, with your abs still engaged, and descend with the ball to touch the floor behind you. Then, sit-up immediately and throw the ball when your torso is at 45-degrees again.

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Do eight reps of sit-ups and grab the medicine-ball immediately to perform the eight reps of the other sit-up throw-to-the-wall.

3. Kettlebell goblet squats + explosive step-ups

To do the kettlebell goblet squat, keep your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and your toes pointed outwards. Hinge forward at the hips and sit (on an imaginary chair) back down. With an upright posture, focus your eyes forward and keep your chest upright. Then, drive through your heels while you extend your hips, in order to squeeze the glutes to return to the starting position.

For the explosive step-ups, place your right foot on a plyometric box and push off the right foot, basically from the heel. Jump swiftly while you switch feet, with your left foot up and your right down to the ground. You should be able to alternate your feet in midair above the box. Do eight reps of this exercise.

The goblet squats should be done 8 times, and the explosive step-ups should be done immediately afterwards, wit 8 reps for each leg. Rest for a minute or two and then repeat it all over again.

Before any type of plyometric exercise, ensure you do a dynamic warm-up like skipping, walking, jogging, lunging, etc.

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