How to Exercise to Gain Strength

It is one thing to do exercises for the sole purpose of losing weight and maybe getting fit. But it is another thing to exercise to be strong. Being strong and losing weight goals are two different things. With being strong you don’t necessarily lose weight, you develop muscles that will aid endurance, flexibility, agility, speed, and power. This is why this article will present a set of exercises to help you gain the strength you need.

Front Squat

This is  a very good exercise for your anterior core. Your abs are another core point to a fit abs especially even if they are weak. Doing a 2-3 month front squat, you will appear much stronger and stable. It also helps with mobility, you maintain your ankle, knee, hip and thoracic spine mobility. It helps with your quads, especially if you are an athlete it would help you improve your vertical jump and ability to decelerate, plant, and cut as well.

The Close-Grip Bench Press

This is the best form of exercise for building a strong upper body strength. It helps for stamina, proper balance and strength. It takes a whole level of strength to be able to hold up, grip and press.


Just as the close grip bench press, it is for developing the upper body. It also helps strengthens the body by unifying the upper and lower body and pushing or lifting it up at one go. A well executed push up, with a firm core, straight will give your anterior core the boost it deserves. To be able to execute the perfect push up, you can research on it, watch videos and ask for help by an expert. Being consistent with this will help you many ways indefinitely plus you will look awesome.

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Run. In any way or form, be it on land or in water. This exercise is legendary in its form. From your legs to the swinging of your arms. You will have to be able to know how to run properly to get the full benefit of this exercise. Most times people just run because it involves two legs moving faster than normal pace. This is not the case. The running is the ability to move the wind as you go and feel like air at the same time. Travelling light and fast in matter of seconds. Be it for endurance levels, jog or just running a mile. Learn how to run the right way, practice lifting yourself up until it becomes second nature. Practicing running will help your whole body generate agility, and speed. Plus it is a great stress reliever. You would acquire a good posture and walking gait plus looking amazingly good too.

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