How to Exercise to Be Strong, Sexy and Confident

There are exercises that are targeted at making you feel strong, sexy and confident, although every exercise is geared at making you feel strong, sexy and empowered, however there are just some exercises that will help bring out your best features, and here are a few to look at;

Lateral lunges

These lunges will help to improve your balance your lower body muscles as well at target the main ones. They also help the knees as they are not painful on the legs or knees.

  • Stand straight with feet and knees together, then carry a 5 to 10 pound weight dumbbell on both hands
  • Then lunge toward the floor with your right leg at the right side, while your left leg is kept straight. Ensure that your knees do not go past your toes.
  • Come back up and change to the other leg. You can keep alternating between both legs and hold up for as long 10-15 seconds before changing. You can do as much as you can.

These exercises help your legs, thighs give it a firmer look, and it will be most appreciated when you’re wearing a high heel or a little black dress.

Tipping Row

This is a good back exercise that is good for posture, to help you stand tall – giving a confident look. This exercise will help to improve your entire body, most especially, your butt, hamstrings and your upper back.

  • Holding a 5 to 8 pound dumbbell to your side, stand with your feet hip-apart, then raise one leg back, causing you to balance on the opposite leg, your posture should be facing the floor with the dumbbells straight before you.
  • Then move your arms in a rowing motion by pulling your elbows towards you and releasing them back. Do that for 3 or 4 set, 10 times, then alternate to the other leg.

Wood Chop

This functional move can be performed with weights, a medicine ball, or the cable pulley machine. It works on your entire body, your side core, the oblique, your arm, shoulders. You would feel strength doing this exercise, adding to your confidence and toning your body to give that firm look which looks good in any outfit.  Celebrity Gunnar Peterson – who loves the wood chop says; “I don’t do that many isolation movements, like single joint stuff, I do bigger movements.” He suggests you try this exercise with a rear or side lunge. Y

To do the wood chop with the cable pulley machine:

  • Join the handle of the rope onto the cable. Set the weight to 15 pounds or more or less. (if you are just beginning, make sure the gym instructor is right around the corner to help you do the right weight)
  • Stand firm at about 2 feet from the machine, then hold the handle of the cable and bring it down across you from your shoulder to your knee, take it back and repeat and alternate to the other side and repeat. All the while, not rounding your back, but your arms are to be straight.
  • Do 10 reps on each side for three sets.
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This is a dance that will help you unleash every stress and bring out the “other side’ of you; the ultimate sexy exercise to do. A combination of salsa and variety of international sound that is designed to make you move your body. This helps to slowly erase any shyness as you begin to feel more confident and exude sexiness in every step you take, even though you are not a dancer, you will realize you are not the only one in the room who feel strange at first until after on, when you let go and dance all the way.


The warrior pose is an utmost try to feel fearless, giving utmost confidence. It improves posture, strengthens your core, and makes you feel stronger. Generally, doing yoga helps for flexibility of the body, giving the mind a sense of calmness and control. A feel-good exercise and a must as well.


The legendary old squats, as old as time, ever faithful in its work of helping to reduce and eliminate the folds at your side and help strengthening, slimming and toning  your thigh, aiding in hip enlargement, giving a firmer butt and strengthens the calves. It is a good lower body exercise that will help improve your posture, appearance especially the rear end, helping to make you look sexy, appear confidence.

Wear good gym wear

Here is a little secret to feel strong sexy and confident: wear a very good gym wear that will bring out your features. Wear your favorite gym outfit that hugs your curves or that fitting t shirt that shows your physique and go for your usual training, looking at yourself as you workout will add an extra boost to your exercise. The gym is actually the place to look good while working hard and as long as you are doing that, even if you haven’t reach your goal yet, you are good to go.

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