3 Easy Exercises to Get Rid of Back Fat Starting from Today


Losing fat from the back area is one the most difficult tasks. This doesn’t apply only to me, it applies to almost all gym trainers or fitness experts who will attest to this fact. Back fat is a result of laziness and too much sitting around at times. This type of fat is mostly seen among people that have jobs that mean sitting in front of a desk. Back fat is also known as love handles, because of the round handle like appearance on the back caused by the fat.

The good news is that apart from being pretty difficult to lose, this kind of fat is not very dangerous as compared to the visceral fat.  The love handles become more visible as the visceral fat in your body increases the overall width of the abdominal area. This fat can be a cause of more serious diseases like type 2 diabetes, and may also affect your heart. Having more than 40 inches of waist diameter for men and 35 inches for women is a clear indication of excessive fat in the lower back area. The following exercises can be practiced to lose this back fat:

1. Dumble rows

Place one knee on a bench, couch or table with a light (3-5 pounds) weight in the opposite hand, slightly bending forward with your back flat. Pull your arm back straight in an arrow motion, contracting your upper back, elbow skimming the side of the body as it moves. Do a full set of 12 and then switch arms.

2. TYI Exercise

Lie on your stomach on the floor, or balance on a physio ball, holding 3-pound dumbbells in each hand. Engage your back and lift your chest a little. Then, move your arms up and out into a T position, making a T shape with your body. Then release, move into a Y position. Release again and then move them into making an I shape. Here, your arms should be touching out straight above your head.

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3. Cardio

You’ll have to list down a few new exercises on your list for your lower back focusing on the extra fat. The first has to be regular cardio. Cardio is one of the slower yet more effective methods of overall weight lose from your body. Doing cardio for 30 to 60 minutes every day is the best possible exercise for you to lose back fat quickly.

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