Some Exercises That Maintain Your Body Strength When Injured

Most people take a break from exercise when they are injured and end up becoming unfit and even sometimes prolong their injury period because their body becomes very weak. Well, you can be injured and still look and feel fresh after a full recovery.

You don’t have to look like a fragile and underweight person. Exercise is very good for preventing such a problem. No matter if you have an injury, there are some exercises you can do even when you are still injured.

1. Water exercises 

Water is very good for exercise as it is buoyant and decreases your body-weight and at the same time serves as a fluid resistance. You can indulge in swimming depending on the injury you have. This will help strengthen your body so that you maintain your strength which will help your body heal quickly.

Water exercises are known to be one of the most intense cardio exercises and yet still have low impact on your joints. If you have an arm injury, you can still grab a kick-board and swim laps with your legs. If it is an ankle issue, you can swim and focus more on the movement of your upper body. Besides, the water’s soothing ability relieves pain and with its temperature, reduces inflammation.

2. Cycling

Riding a bicycle is also another great exercise as there is no pounding on your knees and ankles when you pedal with your feet and not your hands. Even if you cannot hold the bike’s handle bar you can simply use a stationary bike which will permit you to ride without using your arms.

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Also, if it is your foot that you cannot use to pedal, then you can use an ergo-meter. This one allows you to pedal with your hands instead of your feet. It is not as effective as the normal biking but it sure beats not exercising.

3. Unilateral resistance circuits

Unilateral resistance circuits refer to workouts that you do using only one side of your body. In this way, you get to exercise the uninjured part, leaving the injured part untouched. So, if you have a bad knee, you will be able to do leg squats on your healthy foot.

In fact, research has shown that exercising the healthy part boosts healing in the unhealthy parts of your body.

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