What Is Fat-Free Body Mass?


What Is Fat-Free Body Mass?

Fat-free mass refers to all the body component except fat. It’s also known as lean body mass which includes your bone, body’s water, muscle content and organs. In body composition it can also be referred to also as muscle mass because most people who are termed obese or over weight tend to use this to their advantage when losing weight.

Fat-free body mass includes most of your body’s vital tissues and cells;
Organs: Internal organs such as your heart, brain and liver are examples of fat-free mass.
Muscle: Cardiac muscle, smooth muscle, and skeletal muscle are examples of fat-free mass. Skeletal muscles contract to produce movement in your body.
Bone: The bones that protect your body and provide your body’s structure are fat-free body mass.
Connective tissue: Tendons and ligaments that connect your body’s bones and muscle are examples of fat-free mass

How to Improve Fat-Free Mass

So how do you build muscle to change your body’s ratio of fat mass and fat-free mass? Resistance training is the key. You can start a strength training program that includes weight lifting or body weight exercises to build muscle and improve strength.

Fat-Free Lean Body Mass and Weight Management

Your body consists of over 600 muscles, all of which  serve as a vital reservoir for amino acids, which your tissue and organs require for survival. Muscle mass is dense and requires more energy to maintain than fat, making it a preferential component of your body composition, since muscle mass burns more calories than fat mass. Therefore, the higher your muscle mass, the higher your metabolism — the amount of calories burned each day. Maintaining a healthy amount of lean mass contributes to weight management and helps to keep your body functioning well overall.

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Benefits of Improving Fat-Free Mass

If you follow healthy lifestyle habits, eat a nutritious diet, and get plenty of exercise, you can protect your organs and build strong bones. But there’s not much you can do to significantly change the amount of organ tissue or bone in your body. Other benefits include; improved muscles, improved strength, improved appearance and increased daily development.
In conclusion, Fat-free mass is healthy when you curb in the right way, and that way is quite easy and stress free.

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