How Does It Feel to Stop Drinking Alcohol?

According to many people who have overcome drinking problems, it is a great feeling to stop drinking alcohol, and there is no better way to feel than when you are finally able overcome the urge to put that bottle in your mouth.

In this article, I will go further to explain to you the immense benefits you can derive from not drinking alcohol. I hope that by the time you are done reading, you will better motivated to drop that bottle and drop it for good.

1. Peaceful sleep

Sleep, is the body’s way of shutting down and rebooting, but imagine if when this is supposed to happen, it doesn’t and your body gets stuck at a certain point, it is not shut down and it is running. (I’m sure if you use computers you will be able to relate with this). That is exactly what happens when you drink and then sleep-off.

A study was published in the Journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, it explained that an Alpha Wave Pattern was detected in the brain of all those who drank before bed; now, this Alpha Wave Pattern is the same thing that happens in the day time when you are awake but resting, so you see, with alcohol, you are sleeping but not really sleeping. You’ll enjoy your sleep and wake up vibrant and refreshed when you are not drinking alcohol.

2. Increased savings

The only place where you can get a free drink is at a party – which does not happen every day, so those who often drink usually have to pay money to get the amount of cups or bottles that they desire.  With no alcohol in your life, your savings tend to increase, you will be in a better position to channel your resources towards lucrative investments.

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3. You get a healthy vibe

Whether you accept it or not, the fact remains that regular alcohol consumption increases your risk of developing a host of terminal diseases, ranging from heart failures, cancer of the mouth, cancer of the colon, cancer of the liver, cancer of the rectum and the list just continues; in the absence of alcohol there’s just this confidence of a healthy life.

Don’t mind the saying that “One bottle a day keeps the doctor away” – this is just a scheme by alcohol-producing and retailing companies to lobby you to consume their products, trust me it is completely unfounded!

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