Flight Fitness Workout

Keeping yourself fit and active throughout a long haul flight does not just give your body some truly necessary development but also brings down your risk of developing blood coagulating (otherwise called known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT)).

The simple steps illustrated in this article will keep your body supple and revitalized, try to perform the routine every hour and a half on a long flight, if possible.

1. How to sit

Sit in your seat with your feet level, hip-width separated and straightforwardly underneath your knees, lift your heels up so that just the wads of your feet are on the floor. Hold this position for five seconds and after that lower your heels. Redo this action 10 times, ensuring that you’re breathing is normal and at a usual pace.

2. Stretch your legs under the seat before you

Lift your left leg slightly to a point that it is straight and turn your foot clockwise at the ankle 15 times and afterward counterclockwise for another 15 times. Redo this movement with your left leg.

3. Put your right hand over the left shoulder

Put your left hand on your right elbow and mildly press the elbow towards your shoulder. Retain this stretch for 15 seconds. Redo on the opposite side for 15 seconds.

Only do this exercise, if there is nobody sitting close to you (or if the individual beside you is a dear companion or relative who wouldn’t mind), as this will make you stretch out your arm before them.

4. Attempt some muscle contraction works out

In a limited space, contracting muscles can be a brilliant type of activity without moving too much. Contract your stomach or gluteal muscles.

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Hold them position for a few moments, at that point release. Redo this as many time, as long as it makes you feel good during your flight. This will reinforce and condition your muscles.

5. Exercise while waiting for the bathroom

This is a decent chance to extend and move while standing in line. Stand with your feet marginally separated and your hands extended before you (if it’s possible), or place your hands on your hip.

Bend down at the knees and do a sit up. Return to standing position. Redo this action about 5 times. Doing this flexes the knees and gets the blood moving through the legs and hips.

Image Courtesy by: squaremile.com, greatist.com

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