Follow These Simple Tips to Become Healthier

A healthy habit to your routine is one of the best things that you can do. You can do so much more in an already established routine. It helps you manage your time well. Your days starts off planned, knowing what you want to do and getting it done.

It helps you stay organized and productive throughout the day because you already know what to do at what time. Interesting enough, here is a list of interesting habits to add in your routine. Everything can be done for as short as 5 minutes.

Wake up 1 hour earlier

This is one of the habits you have to master, waking up early helps you achieve more done. The morning is the sensitive part as to how your day will work out and if that is in disorder, everything else is wrong. So wake up early and take your time to plan accordingly.


Nothing beats meditation. That moment, it is you and the universe communicating to the world and the world is silent. You can hear the world’s heartbeat and the world can hear yours and both of you are communicating in an endless space of love and joy and understanding. Getting up from that feeling is everything. Do this for at least 5 minutes.

Recite a Mantra

Everyone should have one, something that inspires you to work hard, it could be a picture, a quotes. Stare at it, recite it, speak something to the universe. Strengthen yourself from within and the world is bread to you.


A few morning push-ups hasn’t killed anyone yet, so try incorporating some into your morning or any other fun exercise or yoga.

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Plan your day

Write all you have to do for that day, don’t open social sites as the information you tend to see at that period can ruin your mood for the day or make you happy. To be on the safe side. Wait till you are in the office, comfortable and ready to do the day’s work. At that phase you are ready to face anything. Give yourself a time limit for every activity and focus.

Eat in Peace

Focus on your breakfast, waking early cause you to prepare for breakfast and avoid rushing. So calmly eat and enjoy every taste and morsel of food. Nothing beats a relaxed mind eating a meal.

Travel easy

Waking up early helps you choose a good route to help you avoid the morning traffic. You can add this to your list.


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