Follow These Ways to Feel Fresh Without Showering


Showering is already a daily task for many of us, which doesn’t necessarily have to be. Now, this is not saying you shouldn’t be hygienic, but do you really need to take a shower continuously? Unless you go out to work on a daily basis, and you need to freshen up or you work out all the time and sweat excessively, showering daily is not necessary. You may be wondering how that will be possible without you oozing body odor everywhere you go, and we’ll show you in this article.

1. Use olive oil

Rather than scrubbing your face with your usual facial cleanser, you can switch to olive oil for more amazing results. It helps to prevent clogged pores and also moisturizes the skin, as it is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. All you need to do is massage a small amount of oil on your skin, in a circular motion, and let a small damp cloth rest on it for about 30 to 60 seconds. Once that is done, wipe away the excess oil with the damp cloth, and there you go!

 2. Cleanse your face with rice extract

A natural way of cleansing your face is by cleansing it with rice water. The regular make-up cleansers are made from aloe and rice extract, to keep your face glowing. So, if you are, perhaps, cooking rice and then realize that you don’t have enough time to shower, you can easily scoop out some rice extract for your face.

3. Use baby wipes

You can use baby wipes to clean your crotch region, since you won’t be taking a shower and that place needs to be kept clean. If you can’t get organic baby wipes, you can use a light cloth with warm water.

4. Deodorize all over

Use a deo-body spray to get rid of any repelling smell, and smell fresh. Pay attention to enlcosed areas like your armpits, and then to all over your body.

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