Foods to Eat to Battle Diabetes

Did you know that what you eat could actually help fight diabetes? Well, now you know. In the first place, diabetes is caused by the kind of food you consume regularly. So it is just obvious that you can also fight diabetes by what you eat today. Choose the kind of foods you eat today and you will surely see the difference.

Next time when you go to the market or the grocery checkout for these foods and make sure you purchase enough of them.

1. Apples

Apples are naturally low in calories, their fibre content fills you up, battles bad cholesterol and blunts blood sugar swings. They are best eaten unpeeled and fresh, They are also definitely delicious.

2. Avocado

This fruit is rich, creamy and packed with beneficial monounsaturated fat.                                                              Avocado also slows digestion, causing  your body to and helps keep blood sugar, from spiking after a meal.

3. Barley

Choosing the grain rather than white rice reduce the rise in blood sugar after a meal by almost 70% and can keep your blood sugar lower and steady for hours. The soluble fibre and other compounds in barely dramatically slow digestion and absorption of carbohydrate.

4. Beans

Beans is a very good source of fibr. The soluble fibre in all types of beans puts a lid on high blood sugar, because they are rich in protein, they can stand in meat in main dishes.

5. Beef

Getting enough protein at meal time keeps you feeling full and satisfied and it also helps maintain muscle mass, when you are losing weight. Go for the leanest cuts and keep portions to one fourth of your plate.

6. Berries

Berries are full of fibre and antioxidants. The red and blue varieties also contains natural plant compound called anthocyanins.

7. Broccoli

Many people never know, but broccoli is filing, fibrous and full of antioxidants and including a day’s worth of vitamin C. It is also rich in chromium, which plays an important role in long term blood sugar control.

8. Carrots

The amount of sugar in carrots are extremely low and and they are one of natures richest sources of beta-carotene, which is linked to a lower risk of diabetes and blood sugar control.

9. Eggs

Eggs are another excellent source of high quality protein. Eggs contain one of the largest sources of protein. An egg or two won’t raise your cholesterol and would keep you full and satisfied afterwards.

10. Fish

The single deadliest complication of diabetes is heart disease and according to a study eating fish just once a week can reduce your risk by 40%. So you definitely need to add fish to your weekly diet. Interestingly, there are different variety of fishes, so you most likely would not get tired of eating it anytime soon.


Some other foods that could also be eaten are chicken, turkey, flax seed, milk, yogurt, nuts, seeds, oatmeal, olive oil, peanut butter, whole-grain bread and sweet potatoes.

These foods are very good and are very beneficial in battling or preventing diabetes.

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