Foods That Relief You From Constipation

Constipation is one of the most uncomfortable things that people go through. There is no sense of rest, you feel heavy, tired and just all round uncomfortable. There are some ways to relief yourself of the constipation situation, only in this case, food is of the utmost key. As the last thing you need is to have diarrhea or a running stomach because you needed to relief yourself, causing more uncomfortable situations.

1. Start your day with a high-fiber cereal

Your best bet towards constipation is to eat food high in fiber content and starting your day with high fiber content is the way to go. Cereals are a good choice towards getting high fiber content. They also taste really good, compared to years back when cereals tasted like paper, plus you could mix your cereals with fruits, be it fresh or dried.

2. Bring on the broccoli

Broccoli is another addition that aids constipation. Rich in nutrients and full of fiber, your best bets is to eat it raw to gain its fiber content in all entirety. Cooking it can strip it of its nutrients, you can always steam, bake, broil your broccoli, adding olive oil with some salt and pepper and some season and enjoying it as it is.

3. Eat fruits

Fruits are another way to relieve yourself of constipation. Especially fruits that are high in fiber content, apples or pears etc. Eating them with their skin on is also an added bonus to relief you off constipation.

You can make them into drinks too or smoothie versions. This can also be combined with vegetables as they also have high fiber content. There are many fruits and vegetable smoothie combinations that are good for the body.

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4. Beans for constipation relief

They are extremely good for fiber in the body, as they are a great mixture of soluble and insoluble fiber which helps the food to move through the intestines to relieve constipation. They can be eaten with anything either as the main meal or as accompaniment to a dish. Research beans dishes for your use and watch videos as well on how to prepare them if you can’t.

5. Fluid meals and pepper additions

When you have constipation, what it shows is that you do not drink enough fluid. Be it in water, as drink or in the foods you prepare. Another method to relieve constipation is to eat and drink as many fluid foods as you can.

Fruits in high water contents, make natural smoothies and juice. Drink herbal teas mixed with honey and lime. Eat soups, with lots of veggies that have high water contents and lots of pepper if you are allowed to take that in. As they help breakdown food easily and aid proper bowel movement.

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