Four Exercises That Do Not Require Any Equipment

Not everyone who wants to exercise has the money to get one of the exercise equipment needed. As a result some people with the desire to exercise do not exercise. However, not having the equipment should not stop you from exercising. One can exercise with or without the exercise equipment, therefore do not neglect exercise as, it is crucial to your keeping fit. Here are some ways to exercise without the need for any equipment.

1. Walking

This is a very good exercise for the heart and is enjoyable especially in a beautiful scenery and when the weather is beautiful. The fresh air is good for the body and helps to even relax you. This is a mental benefit.  When the weather does not permit you to take a walk, it doesn’t put a stop to your walk. You can simply go up and down the flight of stairs at home and to strengthen your legs you could carry along with you on the steps, your laundry or any load you have in your house. Even, if you don’t have a stairs you could walk around your house a number of times. It will still help you achieve your cardio exercise.

2. Push-ups

People usually avoid this exercise because, of its difficulty but you shouldn’t because, it is a very good for developing your arm strength and chest muscle. It is not compulsory in an attempt to be impressive or feel like your growing to do this on one hand. It is advisable to just do the push-ups as much as you can without a break. Note that you should not do it until, you feel tired instead do it until you cannot do another push-up.

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3. Dips

This is a great upper body exercise that will strengthen your upper body and doesn’t need any fancy equipment just, a chair or bench is enough. This exercise will also build your arm strength and chest muscles, however it goes further to work on the rhomboid muscles in your back.

4. Dancing

This is a wonderful cardio vascular exercise. It is great for the heart and lifts your spirits, giving you a general feeling of boost and energy. You could just dance to the music from your phone and you’d be having a great cardio-exercise or even imagine a song and just practice dance moves.

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