Four Foods That You Should Avoid When You Are Pregnant

We should always check the food we eat because it influences our health but it is most important to do so when you are pregnant. This is because foods which we are permitted to eat when without children are sometimes unhealthy for consumption when pregnant. The foods you consume might put your baby in danger. Some women are unaware of this and so end up losing their babies due to what they consume. Here are some of the foods that you should avoid while pregnant.

1. Raw or undercooked meat

Meats that are raw or under-cooked should not be consumed if you are pregnant because they may be contaminated by viruses, bacteria etc. These are likely to make you ill, which in turn will be harmful to the baby. It is important to make sure that you cook your food properly so that you do not eat anything that is contaminated. Some of these foods are sushi meats etc.

2. Hot dogs, luncheon meats & unpasteurized dairy foods

Pasteurized foods are foods that have been smoked and refrigerated. These foods can be easily contaminated or may contain a bacteria called listeria, which can lead to a miscarriage. Also, luncheon meats can contain listeria. However, if they are heated until they are very hot, then it will be okay to eat as the majority of germs and bacteria will be destroyed  by the heat. For a pregnant woman to be able to eat a hot dog, she must avoid the fluids from touching her other meals or utensils and must wash her hands to reduce the risk of getting infected by any kind of bacteria. Avoid unpasteurized milk or soft cheeses like Brie etc.

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3. Raw vegetables

There are some bacteria which are very hard to wash out once they get into the sprout seeds. As a result, it is safer to just avoid these raw sprouts as it is risky. Some of these sprouts are alfalfa, radish, mung beans etc.

4. Drinks to be avoided

There are some drinks that should be avoided or drastically limited when you are pregnant. Alcohol is not good at all for pregnant women because it deprives them from adequate amounts of oxygen and nutrients and you risk stopping the foetal development. It also negatively affects the child’s intellectual abilities and physical growth. Also, unpasteurized juices such as cider and others are likely to contain germs which can put the baby at risk.

Therefore when you eat as a pregnant woman, be careful what you eat so as to keep your baby safe.

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