Four Risk Factors That Can Lead to Obesity

The terms obesity also called overweight, when the body’s weight is greater than normal. Millions of people worldwide are overweight or obese because the more body fat they have, the more body weight they gain which can lead to many other health problems. High blood pressure, diabetes and certain cancers are examples.

Being overweight puts you at risk of many other complications and a number of factors play a role in obesity. Obesity however, is a complex condition cause by eating more calories and moving too little. Obesity can affect almost everyone whether you are an adult or a teen. Some of the factors that can lead to obesity include unhealthy diet, some of the drugs we take which has side effects, lack of exercise etc.

1. Drugs and obesity

Certain drugs have been shown to encourage weight gain often by increasing appetite and hence contribute to obesity. These drugs sometimes include the drugs we take when we are infected with diabetes and other diseases. Diabetes drugs with insulin, high blood pressure pills, allergic pills and birth control pills sometimes can cause serious complications resulting to developing obesity.

2. Lack of exercise

Exercise has a lot to do with our health. When we fail to do some exercise, the body gets lazy and we are inactive to even do other activities. Lack of exercise plays a big role in obesity. When we consume food especially foods high in calories and fats which are unhealthy at all times, they settle and make you lazy which leads to complications.

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Because obese people are too fat and most of the time inactive, they need a lot of training. Daily exercise is essential and therefore everyone needs to do some exercise to keep the body moving.

3. Unhealthy diet

We must pay great attention to the foods we consume. Unhealthy diet is totally bad. The food we consume plays a big role in the body. If we eat unhealthy foods, the body doesn’t function properly and contributes to weight gain.

Go for more natural fruits and vegetables and prepare your own food. This will help you to limit the fats and calories you consume in your meal. Preparing your own food is always healthy and safe.

4. Family lifestyle

Obesity runs in families and this is very true. If one member of the family is obese, the chances of others having the disease is high because families share similar eating and activity behaviors.

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