How to Get a Flat Stomach in a Week


You have a major occasion, a bloated stomach and only one week to get that midsection as flat as possible. Getting a flat stomach in only seven days is a driven goal, however in the event that you adhere to a strict plan, you can make a positive impact on your shape.

At the week’s end, you can make use of some style and stance tricks to enable your stomach to appear leveled for the enormous day, as well.

1. Make water number one

You have to drink water at all times, however it can be especially vital in the event that you’re attempting to flatten your stomach. When you drink water, you enable your body to keep up a proper fluid balance, stop water maintenance (a key reason for bloated tummies) and feel full so you’re driven to eat less entirely. Water additionally breaks fat for energy and moves nutrition to your muscles to keep up your digestion.

  • Add orange, lemon or cucumber cuts to your water to give it a little flavor lift, you can likewise try flower and herbs, like mint or lemon verbena.

2. Swing to green tea

Among its many advantages, green tea can likewise make a case for reducing belly fat because of antioxidants called catechins that it contains. For additional fat-burning power, taste green tea before an exercise.

3. Avoid liquor

With regards to flattening your stomach, liquor is not your friend at all. It makes your body store a greater amount of the fat you eat and burn to 36% less fat than you usually would. It can likewise repress your body’s generation of fat-burning hormones

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4. Run with cardio

Nothing beats oxygen consuming exercises in the fight against belly fat. A review by Duke University found that aerobic exercise was the best approach to burn deep, instinctive belly fat and aerobic exercises consume 67% a larger number of calories than strength or a regimen that consolidates cardio and resistance.

5. Do your crunches

There may never be agreement among trainers concerning, whether or not crunches are an ideal approach to flatten your abs, however there’s no debating the way that they work the muscles on the front and side of your belly.

6. Reduce your intake of high-fiber foods

Numerous high fiber nourishments like beans, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower, cause bloating and gas. Get rid of them from your eating routine throughout this week.

At the point when the week is over, continuously include them back each one in turn. You may find that some trouble your stomach more than others and you can modify your eating routine accordingly to get your fiber and give you a flat stomach.

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