How to Get Into the Habit of Exercising

Exercising is not an easy task, but once you get into the habit of exercising, it can become part of your life. Research says it takes 21 days to get into the habit of doing something. In following this advice for 21 days, you are closer towards getting to your goal. Here are a few ways to get you closer to making exercising a habit of exercise.

1. Get up earlier

The first thing to note is to always rise up and hour earlier than you would normally, whilst some might see this as being stressful and difficult today. But there are many advantages towards waking up early, you get a quick start on your day that will help you become more organized than the usual on a normal day.

Waking up early will give enough time to do the required exercises you want, plan your morning, set your alarm, if one can’t wake you up, set multiple alarms to get you started, after a couple of days, you will start waking up before the bells go off.

2. Find your interest 

Exercise doesn’t have to be difficult. If  you might see it as a thing of joy than a burden . One way to enjoy exercising especially at the wee hours of the morning, do your training coupled with energetic music. This will add a vibrant atmosphere to your surroundings, mixing up your favorite exercises with high intensive interval training.

Be it at any time of the day you chose to workout, do exercises that you would want to do at any given day and perform them with all your energy. It’s important to note that there are some exercises you do that are fun, but are not profitable enough for the body, this is where the mixing in comes in as it will add spice to your workouts than the average crunches or sit-ups only.

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3. Join a club or workout with friends

It is difficult to do a excise alone, it will make you bore while exercising alone, as your body is already programmed in your daily routine, so in starting it is difficult to change your routine, break it and get into another mode of new habit, but for exercise the harder the routine the better you achieve.

To enjoy routines like this and never see it as a bore is to involve friends or by joining a club as it makes the whole process much more fun. There is a healthy challenge or competition going home making everyone accountable to one another. You do not want to be the only that is left behind when everyone is progressing.  Another thing is that there would be people that will push you to wake up to run or do a workout together, plus you will get to make friends that may last a lifetime.

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