How To Get Perfect Abs In 3 Minutes

how to get perfect abs fast

The Awesome Ab Wheel The Underestimated Core Workout Beast ”

The Ab Wheel  creates rock hard abs. It may be the best investment you can make for getting your abdominal muscles in shape. Adding the ab wheel to a routine filled with sit-ups and crunches will do wonders for your midsection. This timeless and simple piece of home fitness equipment will turn your core muscles into a powerhouse of strength and stability.

Using the Ab Wheel
I’ve had my ab wheel for years and believe me when I say mastering the ab wheel is no easy feat. It requires upper body strength to maintain balance while using. Beginners should start slow. Perform as many repetitions as you can. The more repetitions you do” the more comfortable you’ll be with using the ab wheel.

The ab wheel rollout is the basic exercise to perform using the ab wheel. Start from a kneeling position holding your upper body up by placing your hands on the ab wheel’s handles. Roll forward until your arms are parallel to the floor keeping your back in its natural straight form. Finally return to the starting position to complete the repetition.

Advanced Ab Wheel Exercises
Once you’ve built up your strength with the ab rollout you can alter the way you use the ab wheel to target your oblique muscles. From the same kneeling position as with the ab rollout roll forward veering your upper body either to the left or to the right. Another variation for more experienced ab wheel users involves doing the ab rollout from a standing position.

Muscles Used
Aside from your core muscles the ab wheel calls upon other muscles group needed to maintain stability throughout the exercise. Muscles in your upper back and arms hold you up while your roll the ab wheel forward. If they are not strong enough you may not make it back to the starting position. Over time those muscles will strengthen along with your core muscles as you use the ab wheel more. This makes the ab wheel a compound workout that engages your entire upper body.

Compact and Affordable
Beyond its ability to give your abs a great workout the ab wheel also possesses the attributes of being portable and economical. Lightweight and compact it travels well. In fact you can use it just about anywhere, from the office at work to a hotel room. The ab wheel also has a reasonable price. You can find them for as little as $7.00. I found mine at a Goodwill store for only $3.00.

If a six-pack is your goal – then invest in an ab wheel. Incorporate it into your workout and watch the transformation happen. Although it may be difficult to use in the beginning but don’t give up. Keep pushing until you can blast out three sets of ten. The benefits of strengthening your core muscles go far beyond their aesthetic value. Having strong abs will help with the general movements people tend to do in everyday life. Go invest in an ab wheel today and be a witness to the changes it can do for you. Just 3 minutes a day will give you abs like never before.

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