How To Get Rid Of Loose Sagging Skin After Weight Loss

how-to-get-rid-of-loose-sagging-skin-after-weight-loss-1Looking to eliminate all that sagging skin? While rapid weight loss is a common culprit, there are several lifestyle choices you may make that reduce skin elasticity and increase the risk and severity of loose skin. In this article, you’ll find several simple strategies you can use to help keep your skin stretchy and healthy. Read on to find out more on how to get rid of loose sagging skin after weight loss.

1. Stop smoking

Experts have revealed there are so many reasons to not smoke – and here’s a big one: smoking ruins your skin. A recent study found that the average biological age of long time, smoking-addicts was 9 years more than their chronological age. That is, their skin looked 9 years older than it actually was. So imagine all the good you’ll be doing to your skin by avoiding anything that even looks like cigarette!

2. Eat enough protein

Studies have shown that protein helps keep the skin moist, wrinkle-free and elastic. Apart from building more muscle and getting stronger or losing more fat and less muscle, eating a high protein diet has been significantly linked with skin health, such that low protein intake can affect your skin, making dryness, wrinkles, and poor elasticity more likely.

3. Eat veggies and fruit

While eating fruits and vegetables improves health, a recent study has also revealed that a high daily intake of fruit and veggies helps one develop beautiful, elastic skin.

4. Take the right supplements

There are many supplements that claim to help with loose skin, even though quite a few number of them have little scientific evidence to support such claims. Nevertheless, we recommend the ‘’Gelatin’’ and ‘’Fish oil’’ supplements, which are by far the most reliable supplements to help you eliminate loose sagging skin as efficiently as possible.

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