Get Serious With One Simple Strength Training Change


Our muscles contract and stretch for mobility to occur, and it is very important that they are strengthened, to avoid common injuries and certain health defects. The body goes through eccentric (slows down activity) and concentric movements (start movements) when you exercise. While the eccentric phase of a lift occurs when the muscle lengthens, which is the down motion of bench press, biceps curl, or squat, concentric phase of the lift occurs when the muscle shortens, which is the down motion of the bench press, biceps curls, or squat.

You need to incorporate eccentric movements into your training program, to get the best of your fitness goals, as it allows for greater load on the muscles, compared to concentric training.

Some of the benefits of eccentric movements are that they help to improve body balance, reduce cardiovascular stress, increase strength in the entire range of motion of each joint, increase muscle power and sport performance, and also recover concerned individual from tendon-related injuries. These benefits show that the eccentric movements work farther than just strengthening the muscles but also reducing the risk of injuries, and if there be any at all, help the individual to recover from it. In any sport you are into, eccentric movements are very important and will benefit you in many ways.

However, certain precautions should be taken if this exercise is in your routine. Try to take about 3 days break between workouts, in order to rest your muscles in preparation for the next. Also, ensure you use a spotter or a rack if you will work on biceps strength and you want to lower a heavier weight than your curl.

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Squats, drop jumps, and Nordic hamstring curls, are perfect examples of eccentric movements that you can incorporate into your training program.


Try eccentric training today or anytime soon, if you’ve never had. And if by chance you have been doing it before now, ensure you do it properly and be consistent with it to get the best result.

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