How to Get Stronger Nails

A lot of people ask themselves why it is so hard to grow and maintain gorgeous nails. There is just one big reason. Nails are not alive, they are dead. If they were living tissue, they would be able to repair themselves instead of making us do it for them. Then, if finger nails are dead, how do they grow then? You may ask. They actually don’t.

New cells develop deep under your cuticles and push out the older dead ones- forming those flat hard surfaces that we love to pamper and polish. Here are a few tips to have yours looking great in little or no time.

Don’t share your nail file

You would have to resist the urge to let anyone even if the person is a relative to use your nail file or nail cutters. This tool doubles up as a porous germ trapper. So you should keep yours to yourself. And try to replace it often.

Wear the right shoe size

If you are cramming your feet into a shoe that is smaller than your feet, then you should desist from this. This make your nails grow into the surrounding skin, causing the dreaded ingrown nail which can lead to severe pain, swelling and infection. When nails are too long, tight shoes can cause even more damage.

Don’t go bare foot

Always keep your shoes on in public places, be it at swimming pools, shoe stores or locker rooms. If you don’t, you might pick up germs from the environment which aren’t healthy for your nails.

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Moisturize daily

Just like the human body, nails need to be hydrated daily since most of the problems that crop up happen when they are parched. Dry nails can crack more often than hydrated ones. Dehydrated cuticles don’t only look ragged but can also turn into painful and infected hangnails.

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