Getting The Best Tennis Racket For Your Child

Since manufacturers produce junior rackets in 5 different sizes, it can be to some degree complex purchasing a racket for your child hinder. Letting your child possess a racket that’s too big or too small can obstruct their learning experience. The ideal racket is not brand precise, it’s one that is that matches with the length of your child’s height and hold has fits smaller hands. Getting your child the right racket will help to create a better experience and pave way for successful learning in the game. Knowing how to get your child the suitable and best racket is just a matter of taking few steps.

Step 1

Try measuring your child’s height by letting them stand tall with their back against a wall and hold a ruler across the top of their head, corresponding to the floor, having one end against the wall. Then mark the wall with a marker or pencil, where the ruler contacts the wall. With a tape measure, measure from the floor to where you placed the mark to get your child’s height.

Step 2

Try comparing this extent and your child’s age to a racket-sizing instruction chart. If your child is 5 years or less and is 3 ft 11 inches or shorter, then recommended racket size is 19 or 21 inches. For a child age 6 to 8 with a height in the middle of 3 ft 11 inches and 4 ft 6 inches, then go for a 23-inch racket. For a child who’s also between age 8 and 10 and is between 4 ft 2 inches and 4 ft 7 inches tall, purchase a racket that’s 25-inch. For children that is between 10 and 12 and taller than 4 ft 8 inches then a 26-inch racket will be the perfect match.

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Step 3

Take a ruler and measure from the middle crease in your child’s palm to the tip of the ring finger in order to measure the hand in inches. Probably in most circumstances, you won’t have an alternative in size because most junior rackets are made with a holding size of 4 inches, the perimeter of the handle. However, some manufacturers make somewhat smaller and larger holders if you child’s hand measures more or less than 4 inches. It’s best if the find the correct size for your child.

Step 4

In case you’re not sure of the correct size to get your child, take him/her to a tennis pro shop or a teaching expert. They’ll have more experience in finding better racket, that will fit your child and if your child happens to be an progressive player, an experts can simply assess his/her skill level. All other process can be determined by the expert.

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