How to Go About Aiding a Person Suffering From an Eating Disorder

Eating disorders are usually a mental issue which automatically makes you unfit because fitness is not only physical but mental. Many people suffer from eating disorders and such people’s loved ones are constantly faced with the problem of how to deal with such a problem. They struggle to deal with the person suffering from such problems and sometimes instead of helping, they cause more problems. Sometimes they find themselves estranged from the loved one suffering from the disorder in their attempt to help them get rid of their disorder. Here are some steps to take to help such a person regain their mental fitness.

Step 1

Express your sincere concern to the one suffering from such a eating disorder. When you inform the person of your sincere concern, it gets that person the person to rely on you as a support, as someone to lean on while fighting against the disorder. Note that you must not ignore the problem and strengthen your relationship with the person, be it a friend, lover, family or any other relationship. Also apart from expressing your concern, be firm about it too.

Step 2

Do not talk about the persons size or weight as it will only bring the person’s mind to his/her weight and aggravate his/her losing weight craze. Also, don’t give them an ultimatum to regain weight or overcome their problem as they are probably struggling in their efforts to triumph over the eating disorder. This will encourage the person so that he or she will not feel pressured or panic or give up.

Step 3

After expressing your concerns, listen to the persons struggle i.e. listen to the persons complaints about his/her plight. Such a person doesn’t need constant advice or judgments. Instead, they need more of your listening and encouraging him/her. Note that you can also suggest solutions for the person but don’t be judgmental.

Step 4

A very important question to ask the person is, “What can I do for you now?” and make sure that you do it when told. This assures the person that you really mean to help and not just making empty promises.

Step 5

Remember that when you try to get the person to eat and he/she is still not getting well after a very long time, then search for professional help. The trick though, is when to seek this help, because if you do it at the wrong time, the person could refuse and push you away. Note that you should not force the person to seek the professional help. It should be their own voluntary choice.

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