Good Read on Losing Weight Fast

Do you want to lose weight as quick as possible but want to skip all the ridiculous diet plans and the tedious gym programs. If yes, then there’s no better stuff to be doing now, than to continue reading this paper, so stay glued to your screen as I explain to you three of the fastest ways to lose weight.

1. Stay away from sugars and starches

It was once revealed that as at 2008, an average US resident was consuming over 76.7 grams of sugar per day and trust me, this figure had quadrupled as of 2016, it had gotten so serious that the US Dietary Guidelines for Americans had to recommended a limit on the total intake of sugar each person consumes per day.

So to lose weight within the shortest time possible you need to drastically cut down on the amount of sugar you consume, the reason being that sugar stimulates the secretion of the hormone insulin, which serves as ‘the main fat storage hormone in the body.’ So lower the amount of insulin secreted the lower the amount of fat your body stores, there have been endless testimonies affirming to the effectiveness of this method.

2. Don’t go for diet drinks

Paradoxically, diet drinks will not help you to lose weight either, it has been revealed that a large majority of diet drinks contain a substance known as aspartame, which has been recorded to be accompanied with a host of harmful effects. Moreover, these diet drinks also are made up of artificial sweeteners, that contains fructose and renders the same effect as sugar. So even if you want to still go ahead with the diet drinks, be sure to check the list of ingredients before consumption.

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3. Add proteins to your diet

Proteins have generally been known to build and repair broken body tissues, but their roles exceed this, proteins have also tested positive in boosting your metabolism by 80 to 100 calories per day and has been reputed to be the ‘king of proteins’ When it comes to weight loss. Another amazing benefit of proteins is that they keep you filled you and have been reputed to reduce your craving for other foods by 60%. So the next time you have your meal, add some fish or other sea foods like salmon, shrimps, lobsters, or eggs that will supply you with enough Omega-3 or bacon and chicken.

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