Good Sleeping Posture and Your Health

Most of us don’t know that sleeping isn’t just about jumping on the bed and taking off, sleeping like every other thing has its way of being carried out. Bad sleeping postures can affect our health negatively.

Sleep also needs to be moderated, too much – and there are consequences and too little, there are equally consequences like obesity, heart disease, dementia and diabetes. I am sure most of us don’t know that our sleeping position plays a role, if we snoring or not, have heartburn or even wrinkles.

Most of us wake up with neck pains or back pains, which is mostly caused by the way we sleep. Here are the different sleeping postures and their benefits.

 1. The Free Fall

This position involves you lying on your stomach with your hands around the pillow or your hands on the pillow and your face on your hands and your head turned to one side. ‘Free fallers’ are often extroverted and brash people. They sometimes appear nervy, but are mostly thin skinned people. The free fall position is good for digestion.

2. The fetus

You are curled up on one side with your whole body facing one side. This is said to be the most common sleeping position. People who sleep in this pattern are seen as tough on the outside, but shy and sensitive at heart. Adopting the fetus position on your left side is not good, as it can cause stress on vital organs in your body like your liver, stomach and lungs. So it is advised to sleep on your right side.

3. The log

This entails lying on one side of your body, with your both arms down by your side. Log sleepers are mostly social and easy going people. These individuals are seen to trust almost anyone, even complete strangers and this makes them somewhat easy to fool. This position keeps the spine straight and this helps deal with back pain to an extent.

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4. The Yearner

Lying on your side with both hands out in front. Yearners are usually open to new things, but also suspicious and cynical. They also take long time to make decisions, but when they make a choice they hardly go back on it. Resting on your side can help alleviate some problems associated with acid reflux disease and sleep apnea.

5. The soldier

Lying on your back with both arms by your sides. Soldier sleepers are generally regarded to be quiet and reserved. They don’t like making things look tough or hard and they set high standards for themselves and those around them. Sleeping on your back may lead to snoring and breathing difficulty. It is advised not to sleep on your back.

6. The starfish

This is similar to the soldier, as this involves you sleeping on your back with your head in between your both hands. Star fish sleepers are described as great listeners and thus good friends. They are always willing to help and they don’t like much attention. Like the soldier, starfish sleepers are more likely to have breathing problems resulting in a less refreshing rest.

From this, you would now know the name of the way you sleep and how it is likely to affect your health negatively or positively and if it’s on the negative side, I think you should consider a change. There are other undiscovered sleeping positions and so not all the sleeping positions in the world would have been listed.

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