A Great Collection Of No-Gym Workouts!


Working out does not necessarily have to be limited to within the gym. The important thing is that you stay active and thereby give your body a chance to regenerate and grow. This would mean that you would at least be healthier if not physically fitter and your internal bodily functions will also be in order.

Moreover, you will have stronger muscles, more balanced blood sugar levels and a higher metabolism that would inhibit fat. Below is a list of all the exercises that you could do without stepping foot in the gym.

#1. Walking/Running/Jogging5

Any of these three exercises can be done on a daily basis. As long as there is land in front of you and both of your legs are functioning, you can easily do these. They will increase your blood circulation and increase your metabolism rate as well as help you lose weight.

#2. Push ups1

Your palms should be shoulder width apart and your legs can either be closed together or slightly apart. Make sure your back remains straight and core tight throughout the movement. This exercise primarily targets the pectoral muscles and the triceps.

#3. Pull ups2

All you need is a rod or a ledge and you’re good to go. You can even try a few variations of this simple exercise as you vary the grips. Try and maximize the number of repetitions as this is a body weight exercise and it is pretty much free-form. You will work your biceps and lower back with this exercise.

#4. Squats3

The king of exercises if you plan on stimulating and improving your legs; this exercise should be executed with increased repetitions if it is being done with the body weight only. Make sure that the knees stay behind the toes at all times and the back remains straight throughout the entire duration of the movement. This exercise will target all of the muscles in your legs.

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#5. Ab Crunches4

This is an isolation movement that will work your abdominal muscles as well as the obliques. Make sure that you do not roll your back during the movement but instead squeeze your core as you lift your torso upwards.

If the gym environment is daunting and makes you nervous, you can just skip it and use the above-mentioned exercises to achieve your weight goals instead. No more excuses, just get up and do it.

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