A Great Diabetic Weight Loss Drink to Help Lower Cholesterol, Boost Liver Function, And More


Nature is perfect and it has within it the solutions to the problems created by the unnatural habits of man. Over the years we have modified our foods and added preservatives that have not only harmed our bodies but also taken away the important natural nutrients that our bodies so dearly need. The modern man is tormented with hundreds of illnesses and out of them, high cholesterol levels and a damaged liver are probably some of the most common.

A simple brew however provides us with the crucial solution: Green tea with lemon. This fantastic drink has too many benefits to count on your fingers and to make sure that you do not miss out, all you need to do is mix the green tea leaves with boiling water and later add a slice of lemon and let it sit for five minutes before you consume it.

Liver Function

A Japanese study concluded that drinking more green tea can lead to prevention of various liver diseases. An average of 5 daily servings of green tea can reduce the risk by 37 percent in men and by 50 percent in women. The elements present in green tea also help with the regeneration of the liver cells that have been damaged due to excessive consumption of alcohol.

Lower cholesterol

The antioxidants present in the green tea, namely ECGC help prevent the free radicals from damaging the cells and also lower cholesterol levels. One serving of green tea can reduce the amount of LDL cholesterol (read bad cholesterol) in your body by 0.015 milli-mols per liter.

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Other benefits

Green tea also reduces the amount of fat that may be stored in the liver thereby preventing liver fatty disease and also reducing fat gain over a period of time. Green tea is also shown to tackle diabetes by promoting the production of insulin in the pancreas after the food has been converted to glucose and is awaiting absorption.

Along with lemon this is one of the greatest combinations possible and the above reasons should be enough for anyone to realize the miraculous powers of this drink. I personally like the flavor that the lemon slice lends and we should add it to our daily routine to make sure that we have our vitals in perfect condition, and can lead a healthier and happier life.

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