Some Great Group Exercises That You Can Do to Keep Fit

So many people have trouble exercising and doing various workouts, but to combat this, one can do group exercises. Group exercises basically involves doing an exercise with one or more partners. This helps motivates you to push yourself when you want to give up because of the determination of the group or your partner. It even brings competition sometimes into the exercise so that you can push out from your comfort zone and practice with your partner or partners properly.

Hence, these group exercises will help you achieve your goal of becoming fit and healthy. Studies has shown that athletes can withstand pain and stress and even do better when training with other team members as compared to when they are alone. This stems from the fact that we always want to impress people and also from the competitive nature of man. Here are some group exercises you can indulge inn for your personal exercises with your exercise group

1. Kayaking

Have you ever wondered why fishermen are strong and always fit? This is because of the rowing of a boat. It is a great exercise to indulge in as it strengthens the arms and core, whiles burning up a lot of calories. Doing it with a partner, even competitively, is beneficial to you. Note that it is a low-impact workout in which you can have some aquatic exercisers to join you.

2. Biking

This is a great cardiovascular exercise which is also relaxing. When you ride you boost metabolism and allow your heart to pump faster. Also doing it strengthens your calf and leg muscles. To help you ride longer having a partner along will help you a great deal. An added bonus for cycling is enthusiasm because studies have shown cyclists to be enthusiastic people.

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3. Self defense classes

For those of you who take self defense classes, you will agree that doing it with a partner is essential. Having a partner in this type of exercise allows you to learn and anticipate moves from possible outside threats. This prepares you physically and mentally for any potential threats that you might face. Besides, these forms of exercises are fun and beneficial as they lubricate your joints and exercise and strengthen your bones. There are various self-defense classes that you can take, such as Muay Thai, Judo and Krav Maga etc.

Note that group exercising is not for you to hide behind and not workout but is there to goad you to exercise and realize your full workout potential. However, don’t use it as an exercise to overdo it as it will harm you instead of benefiting you.

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