Green Apple Is Healthy for Your Health

A lot of people have preferential differences when it comes to selecting apples. While some may go for the green ones and other may prefer the red ones. But here’s the deal, to be honest with you, I love the sweetness of the red apples and at the same time I consume green apples on a daily basis. And you might be interested to know that green apples are packed with more nutrients than the red ones.

1. Green apple contains

  • Less sugar
  • More fiber
  • Higher antioxidant levels
  • More anti-aging and beauty benefits
  • More vitamins than red apples

The amazing thing about the green apples is its ability to keep the digestive and fiber organs into shape. Eating green apples daily can help in preventing the effects of past heavy drinking on the liver, prevent kidney stones and even prevent colon cancer.

Not enough to brave the sour taste? Many commercial cosmetic products, particularly those that advertise anti-aging benefits, contain the green apples for their high vitamin content and their immense skin benefits. People who consume green apples regularly tend to have the smoother, blemish-free skin.

A quick but important thing to note about apples is that all apples whether yellow or green, need to be purchased organic. Sadly, apples are not only on the top of the list of veggies and fruits which are affected by the pesticides, their skins are so thin and no amount of washing or peeling can get rid of all those nasty pesticides. The whole fruit absorbs them like a sponge.

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And back to the green apples, if you can’t stand the flavor and taste of green apples, you could use the red ones as snacks and use the green ones to make smoothies.

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