Gum Is Whats Ruining Your 6 Pack


A lot of people cant work out without having some gum in their mouths, most times they feel its part of what keeps them working on. It would surprise you to know that whilst your teeth are busy chewing, your fat is also building up. Here’s how gum ruins your packs:

1. When you chew gum a lot, sugar is being derived from it and added to your system, so the more you chew the more the sugar builds up and then weight gain sets in.

2. Also, when you chew gum, a hormone called ghrelin is being increased in your blood and this makes muscles of the stomach to contract thereby making you hungry and liable to over-eat. What’s more, researchers found that mint-flavored gum made fruits and vegetables taste worse and increased the likelihood of eating junk food.

These are the two major ways gum destroys your chances of developing that 6 pack you’ve always wanted. I am not saying chewing gum doesn’t have its pros, but its advisable for you to know the best time to chew gum. Below are ways to use gum appropriately in order for it not to have side effects.

  1. To avoid sugar, go for mint or sugarless gums
  2. Avoid eating fruits immediately after chewing mint gums.
  3. Eat gums after meal, not before meal, this way it keeps your stomach balanced.

The exact extent to which gum interferes with your fitness goals is not totally proven yet but it is best one does the right thing by either abstaining or taking gum the proper way in order to achieve the best results from training.

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