Hand Pressure Points

The human pressure points are one of the sensitive places to hold or touch and are directly linked to most of our nerve endings. It can be a little surprising that touching a few pressure points in our hands will help ease some of the pain in our head, back and even calm our anxiety or nervousness.

It has been designed in such a way that we can feel the slightest pressure, or even temperature, which makes it a good massaging point for the body for instant relief, that is, if you know where to touch. Mentioned in this article are the few pressure points to notice

1. Between the index finger and thumb

A pressure point to locate in your hand, the space between the index finger and the thumb. Simply using your other hand to find where your thumb bones meet your index bones, there is fleshy area just above the joint bones that is your pressure point. The webbed like area is a center for unending nerves used for aiding release of pain from the back, neck and head.

2. Outer wrist

For the outer wrist, trace the line of the pinkie finger towards your wrist, you are aiming for the area where your wrist meets your palm, hold that spot, there is a gap you should feel, this is where the ulna bone intersects with the carpals of your hand. This is the point you apply pressure when massaging, as it aids in relaxation, clear thoughts and calming down anxiety.

3. Inner wrist

This can be located when you trace a line from your thumb to your wrist, pressing this area can make your hand go numb slightly. There is a gap between the carpal bones and the radius bone of your fore arm, this is your vantage point. This helps to ease the problems of breathing easily, relieving bad feelings and nostalgia for spiritual things.

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4. The thumb

Depending on the thumb of both hands, massaging the right spot is said to ease negative emotions. On the right side of the thumb, the pressure point is located on the outer lower, left corner of your nail, whilst on the left side, it is located on your right.

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