Health and Other Benefits of Playing Soccer

Football (also known as soccer) is one of the world’s most popular sport and it is played in many countries. Soccer is a group sport that is played by 22 players, with 11 players playing against the opposing team of 11 players. They use their legs, head and torso to move the ball around the field in order to score a goal and gain a point. In soccer, players can be running very fast or slowly or sprinting, and at times, just standing around, depending on the requirement of the moment.

The great thing about soccer is that you can play it almost anywhere. You don’t need a soccer stadium to have fun playing soccer. You just need people willing to play and an open and large enough field to play in. In terms of health, football is a great sport as it provides many benefits to your body, such as increasing your stamina, being an excellent cardio exercise, increased agility, etc. Thus, there are a number of reasons why you should start playing soccer in order to reap the health benefits provided by it. Soccer is ideal for boys, women, men and women, who play the sport with the same rules and regulations of proper soccer. Playing with other people will create an atmosphere of fun and community. Some of the health benefits of playing soccer are:

It builds muscular tissues

The energy exerted by your body while playing soccer for kicking, jumping, tackling, turning and so on all require strong and agile muscles in the lower part of your body, especially your legs. At the same time, the upper part of your body, your torso and arms, also get exercised regularly as part guiding the ball, dodging opposing players, throws, etc. Thus, playing soccer exercises your entire body and playing it regularly will mean that your health, strength, stamina and endurance will remain at an optimal condition.

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Increases cardio potential

You need an excess of stamina when you play a 90 minute long soccer game. Most platers, especially soccer players, regularly get an extremely good amount of intense aerobic exercise , which further increases their endurance and stamina.

Increases bone strength 

A great way of keeping your bones strong is by means of maintaining your health by playing soccer. Your bones tend to decrease in density as you grow old. The repeated weight-bearing masses at the body at different stages in a football game are a great way to boost your strength and endurance.

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