The Healthiest Type of Salt for Cooking


Eating too little salt is generally not a concern for most — with the advent of packaged and convenience foods all around us. Enjoying a diet rich in whole, unprocessed, naturally low-sodium foods is the most nutritious option, thereby, allowing you to add salt to taste when cooking as well as reducing the risk of overdoing your daily recommended amount.

Some experts have recommended healthy adults eat approximately 1,500 mg of sodium per day, though most are consuming more than double that. In this article we’ll show you some of the healthiest salts you can choose from:

1. Sea Salt1

Sea salt derived from the sea is plentiful in trace minerals due to its marine derivation. The least refined with no added preservatives are usually the healthiest of this type of salt. Known to be the purest of the sea salt family, pink Himalayan salt is frequently recommended by healthy home cooks as being the ultimate mineral-rich seasoning,

2. Ground Salt2

Ground salt taken from the ground, like table salt, is a cheap and common seasoning that can be found in most home kitchens. Containing iodine, a trace mineral necessary for correct thyroid function, thyroid cancer-prevention and proper mental development and maintenance, ground salts are just the healthiest.

3. Kosher Salt3

Due to its ability to dissolve more quickly on the tongue, Kosher salt tastes slightly less salty than table salt or sea salts (though it can be derived by either the sea or ground). Also, kosher salt makes it easy to grab a little squeeze and clings to food well, making it a favorite with chefs and home cooks.

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4. Gourmet Salts4

Try out some Gourmet salt, a unique addition to any dish in terms of price and taste. And As far as plain finishing and naturally flavored finishing salts goes, Gourmet salts are just the best.

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