Healthy Foods for Your 6 Year Old

When it comes to your kids, the endless worry of what they will eat daily becomes a chore and a source of concern. You don’t want to feed them the wrong items or anything that they wouldn’t eat because they don’t like it. However, since their taste tends to evolve, it is best to offer them a variety of healthy foods consistently, as a carrot lover may start demanding for it for dinner after some time. Here are some other tips that you can use:

1. Be sure that breakfast is served on time, so the kids can eat well.

2. Switch off or remove any distractions, to cause them to focus on their eating and make sure that they finish their food.

3. Turn the T.V off to encourage physical activity. Be sure to partake in it with them. It could be dancing, playing tag or anything else that is a fun activity. anything that will get their body moving.

4. Make them participate in preparing meals so they can look forward to eating.

5. Try and serve in little portions so they don’t overeat.

6. Also, to encourage them to eat vegetables, challenge them to eat vegetables using the rainbow challenge. Where they are to eat a new color of vegetable each day.

Here is an example of a good day’s meal for a 6 year  old:


Whole grain cereals, skim or low fat milk and fruits.


An apple, toasted sandwich with avocado smash as base and some tomatoes.


Chicken either boiled or grilled, with whole pita bread, avocado or pumpkin smash and salt to taste or pasta and a vegetable with meat sauce.

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Plantain (fried in olive oil) with some fruits and whole grain bread, Plain yogurt with cinnamon, honey and sliced apples as toppings.


Marinated Lean meat or chicken, (grilled, roasted or fried in little oil like olive oil), with lots of vegetables, a fruit smoothie as an accompaniment.

If dessert is a must have, then a fruit bowl with milk and honey will do.  Or granola bars with yogurt and dry crunchy fruits.

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