5 Healthy Habits Everyone Should Adopt Starting Today

5 Healthy Habits Everyone Should Adopt Starting Today

It is very important to make smart lifestyle and health choices to look and feel your best at every age. Here are some habits that you can practice every day to ensure a good health and improve your quality of life for years to come.

1 – Eat a healthy diet

Healthy diet can help you maintain a proper weight for your height – so you should consume more of the natural foods which include variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and fewer processed foods.

Eat whole grains and high-fiber foods, choose leaner cuts of meat, fish, and poultry, and also include low-fat dairy products in your diet to boost your calcium level daily.

Avoid foods and beverages that are high in calories, sugar, salt, and fat to reduce your risk of developing a number of illnesses.

2 -Exercise

Plenty of exercise can help keep your heart healthy; you should exercise at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week, if not every day- aerobic exercises (walking, swimming, jogging, bicycling, and dancing) are good for your health in general and especially for your heart.

3 – Avoid unhealthy lifestyle habits

You need to stay away from risky habits that can increase your chances of developing a number of diseases and can even shorten your lifespan such as cigarette smoking, drug abuse, heavy alcohol consumption etc

4 – Manage stress

There are lots of pressures and stress you deal with at every stage of your life so take a few minutes every day just to relax and get your perspective back again because your mental health is important to your physical well-being.

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You can manage stress with exercises, relaxation techniques, yoga/meditation or any other thing that calms you.

5 – Sun safely

Sunlight is beneficial for our life, however, excessive exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can cause skin cancer which can be deadly.

So to protect against this, always wear sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15 if you are going to be outdoors for more than a few minutes.

Even if you wear sunscreen faithfully, you should check regularly for signs of skin cancer which includes any changes in the size, shape, color, or feel of birthmarks, moles, or freckles, or new, enlarging, pigmented, or red skin areas.

If you spot any changes or you find you have sores that are not healing, consult your doctor.

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