Being Healthy Does Not Equal Successful Weight Loss

For most people, looking at an obese individual results in awkward and judgmental glances but what they fail to notice is that a starving individual who is suffering from anorexia is almost impossible to notice in their presence. Anorexia is just as big a problem as obesity but most of us only think that being heavier is unhealthy. Health is not just a number that your scale reads when you stand on that weighing machine, instead, it is a state of mind where you not only feel comfortable but are also mentally at peace with yourself.

Balanced diet

To ensure a healthy lifestyle, you need to first maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Start opting for natural foods instead of the processed foods that are common in our everyday lives. Choose fruits over candies & fresh meats instead of meats that have been frozen and stored with preservatives. Make sure to avoid carbonated drinks and replace them with fresh juices and water. A healthy life is ensured if you are willing to change your lifestyle instead of just starving yourself for a few weeks for the sake of a fad diet.

Body types

Body types play an important role in the way you look. Some people have a wider body structure that makes them seem broad and a few pounds make them look a lot fatter than they actually are. Identify your body type and choose to follow the measurements and readings instead of simply believing what you see. Sometimes seeing is NOT Believing.


No matter what your body type or your lifestyle one thing that should be incorporated on a daily basis is exercise. You do not have to be drenched in sweat to consider yourself as someone who exercises. You can always choose to go for a bike ride or dance for a few minutes or stretch out or go for a jog and enjoy the landscape. The important thing is that you are breaking a light sweat and working out your muscles. Consistency always pays off and it would be very beneficial if you made exercising a habit.

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Instead of looking at those models who are paid to look the way they do, try thinking from a different perspective and define your ideal weight based on who you are. If you love food there is nothing wrong with being a few more kilos than the ideal weight suggested by your BMI measurements. As long as you are happy and satisfied no one should have the right to dictate how much you weigh or choose for you the definition of healthy. It is your life, your body and there is no one but you who knows what is best for it.

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