Helping Your Friend Who Is Being Abused

In case your friend is being abused, you might have that feeling of leaving, which seems like a simple decision, but for many that have experienced it, leaving may be hard or even risky. make certain that your friend knows you’re in to support them and assist them to decide what they are able to do with a view to preventing or break out any similar abuse. If it happens that your friend is a child and is being abused by teacher or parent, quickly inform another adult right away but if your friend is grown up, it’s important that you give them the power to make the change necessary to end their abuse.

Set up a time to speak

It’s important you set up a time and vicinity where you could talk to your friend without fear at all or people overhearing your conversations. Your friend may be embarrassed by the scenario, or worse, you may put your friend in danger by having the discussion where the abuser can also overhear.

Make it clear that you are there because you are concerned

Inform your friend that you are concerned about their well-being, and that you care a lot about them. It can come as a shock that people have observed what they are going through, and they may first of all reply via being dismissive of your worries. It’s crucial that you let them realize that you want to provide help.

Emphasize that your friend is not at fault

Humiliation is a usual response among people who have faced abuse. Most people feel as though the abuse is the result of their own weaknesses or disappointments. Make it clear that they did nothing to earn being offended or ill-treated and avert saying things that could lead them to believe you are judging them like, “why would you let this happen?

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Explain your concerns

Your friend may not accept as true that they are in an offensive relationship, so you may need to explain what you’ve seen and how you see it as unsuitable. Be truthful without being quarrelsome. Explain what has led you to meeting with them like this and how your concerns are making you feel.

Provide your friend with information on local resources

After you discuss what has been going on, give your friend the contact information or pamphlets from local shelters or outreach programs that may be able to provide them with guidance or resources.

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