High Levels of Vitamin D Are Suspected To Increase Mortality Rates

The levels of vitamin D in our blood should be kept normal and should not be too high or too low. A high level of vitamin D has been discovered to be linked to cardiovascular deaths. Lack of, or too low levels of vitamin D in the body could have detrimental effects on human health. A research conducted in the University of Copenhagen has shown that abnormally high levels of vitamin D in the blood have also been proven to have damaging effects on human health by increasing the risks of dying from a coronary attack or a stroke.

16,645 people out of 247,574 participants from a study were discovered to have died from too low levels of vitamin D. Vitamin D levels in the body should not be lower than 50 nor higher than 100 nanomol per litre. Any deviation from this 50-100 range increases the risk of death. Levels above 100 increases the chances of the person dying from coronary disease or stroke.

Levels of vitamin D should be properly regulated and kept between the 50-100 nanomol per litre range. The preferable range for average individuals being 70 nanomol per litre.

The consumption of vitamin D supplements should be closely monitored with medical supervision. Vitamin D supplements should be taken in the recommended dose and not just consumed randomly.

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