Why A Himalayan Salt Lamp Is One Of The Greatest Things You Can Own

Why A Himalayan Salt Lamp Is One Of The Greatest Things You Can Own 2

The Himalayan salt lamp is made from a chunk of Himalayan salt with a hollowed out interior and a bulb. It also looks like a basket with the salt crystals inside it, and is fast gaining popularity because of its health benefits.

These salt lamps provide the incredible benefit of cleaning the air you breathe which could help you feel better on a regular basis. This is true for everyone, but especially true for people with respiratory issues or allergies. You know that feeling you get when you sit outside, or even close to the beach at evenings and watch the sun set? That’s exactly the scenery a Himalayan lamp could bring to the interior of your home.

It also oozes out what could best be described as an after-rainstorm scent because of its negative ions. Oh yes, negative ions are good because they come from the environment but positive ions come from equipment around our environment. Equipment such as computers, microwaves and televisions. Positive ions cause allergies, increased bodily stress and insomnia.

Generally, too many positive ions in the air can make you feel sluggish and stuffy. Positive ions can also impact your health by causing increased nervousness, sleep interruptions, increased brain fog, increased free radical accumulation, and increased bodily stress. It is really important to neutralize the positive ions in your air.

The Himalayan salt lamps creates negative ions as the light within the lamp heats up the salt crystals. Now with negative ions reacting with the positive ions from the gadgets in our home, it causes a neutralization reaction. That’s how the Himalayan salt lamp cleans the air and makes you feel better. Likewise, airborne toxins such as allergens, bacteria and mold-carrying positive charges are neutralized by the salt lamp.

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N.B: Beware of fake lamps, and make sure the lamp you buy is made of only pure crystal Himalayan salt because any other mixture could be toxic. Also, there will no cause for alarm when you notice it getting moist and wet: this moisture will evaporate and this is how the negative ions are released in the air.

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