Home Remedies for Cold and Cough

A common cold on its own can be extremely unpleasant, and it gets even worse if it is accompanied with persistent coughing. But worry no more, because as you read this article, I will be show you some of the easiest ways you can get rid of the common cold and cough without having to spend a fortune on paying for medicines and doctor consultations at the hospital.

1. Drink hot ginger tea

Ginger contains a substance called gingerol. This substance is said to contain numerous healing properties. A sip of hot ginger tea will leave a spicy and tingling feeling in your chest that will get rid of coughs and colds. Ginger also contain ingredients such as capsacin and piperine, which are known to rid the body of mucus membranes in your nasal passage.

2. Blow it out

When experiencing a common cold, it is recommended to blow your nose as often as you can. Never make the mistake of sniffing it back into your system as this will simply bring more germs into your body and worsen your situation. So carry a handkerchief with you at all times or disposable to tissues.

3. Take a hot bath

Go for a long hot shot shower in the bathtub. Taking a hot shower will warm up your system and provide relief to your your nasal cavity (nose) by getting rid of mucus infections.

4. Lemon, cinnamon and honey

Making a syrup of lemon, cinnamon and honey can also get rid of cold and cough. This combination is particularly good for healing a sore throat.

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5. Drink water frequently

Water helps to replenish your body of the fluids lost as a result of the cold. It will even be better off, if this is hot water, drinking it will help to easily wash away mucus in your throat.

6. Rest

You must understand that the common cold and cough are infections, and as with all infections, your body needs to be well energized to fight them off and that is why you need to rest, so that your body will channel all your energy on fighting it. Studies have pointed out that uncontrolled stress and unnecessary pressure can contribute to prolonging an infection, so take a break and just have a nap.

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