4 Home Workouts You can Do Anytime to Lose Weight

4 Home Workouts You can Do Anytime to Lose WeightAre you looking for ways to cut down on the extra pounds, but you don’t want to go to the gym or some fitness training classes? If so, then this is just the perfect the article for you, because in this article, I will be showing you some the most impact full exercises you can engage in, that will give you the weight loss you desire in no time.

1. Bench dips

This is a great exercise to lose weight in your abdomen while you also get rid of extra fat in your arms – triceps. Performing this workout is not difficult, just get two benches, let one be behind you, while the other is in front of you, let the benches be more than a width apart, then allow your feet to rest on the bench in front of you, while hands rest on the one behind you.

Once you have attained that position, lower down your upper body by bending your hands at your elbow and then return to your starting position. Repeat this move 12-15 times, 3 times each day.

2. Body weight squats

This exercise will generally help you to shed pounds all over your body but it will particularly target the fat in your thighs.

Start by standing firmly on your feet with shoulder width-apart, then put your hands behind your head and then descend to the floor by bending your knees, continue to descend to the floor till your thighs are almost parallel to the floor, then immediately ascend back to your initial position. Keep doing the same motion for 25 times.

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3. Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks are also a great exercise you can perform in the comfort of your bedroom. This exercise will render a significant effect on your quadriceps.

In a standing position, while your feet are together, then jump but as you jump, stretch out your feet and raise your arms above your head. Then as you descend, return to the starting position, repeat the exercise for 25-30 times.

4. Glute kickback

This workout will specifically target your glutes and shed the extra pounds around your legs. Start by going down on your knees and bend over, with your hands on the floor, as in a push up position but let your hands be more than shoulder width-apart and let your head be straight from your back with your face facing down.

Once you are in this position, lift up your right leg, till there is an almost 90 degree angle between your calves and hamstrings, then lower that leg and repeat the same with the other leg.

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