How Often Should You Exercise?

How often should you exercise? You might have thought about this several times, and wondered if there is a limit to how often you exercise or not. You aren’t sure if to do it everyday to accomplish your set goal, or just do it every other day, or perhaps even weekly.

It depends

The answer to this question however depends on different factors, as individuals vary from another. Your body and the kinds of training you are into, differentiates you from other individuals. The kind of workout sessions you engage in also play a great role; for example, cardio exercises (like walking, jogging, running, and swimming) are different from strength training exercises that will require more strength from you with body weights or free weights, in order to build your muscles.

Manage strength training

While it will do more good than harm to practice cardio on a daily basis, doing the same with strength training will be dangerous for you, which is why it is usually recommended that you do strength training every other day, and not every day like every other exercises. The break you leave in between will help in muscle recovery, and refusing this recovery period to the muscles might get your muscles sprained and also increase your risk of injury.

Your level or stage in the fitness world can also be an important factor. A beginner will most likely not find it easy to exercise as often as someone who has already been into it for a very long while. It might take a little while for the beginner to finally give in to fitness and find it fun like others, as getting the right time to exercise or the workout routines to follow may be a challenge at first–plus there may be lots of aches and pains in the first few days.

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For those at the intermediate level, exercising on consecutive days may be fine, but in this case, it is best to alternate between different forms of exercise, rather than just sticking to one.

All things being said, there is a general idea on how often to workout. About 3 to 5 workouts weekly will give you amazing results.

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