How To Burn More Calories With Walking – 8 Proven Tips

How To Burn More Calories With Walking – Proven Tips

Effective weight loss is the result of hard work, that encompasses the right exercise and the right diet. To shed the extra calories, strenuous exercise is not the only solution. One can shed calories easily by indulging in walking as well. In order to shed more calories, the following proven tips and ways can prove to be extremely beneficial.

1. Walk 10,000 Steps!

Research indicates that a walk encompassing at least ten thousand steps a day, can result in the loss of a significant number of calories. Walking for ten thousand steps a day will allow you to feel more energetic as it will allow the right circulation of blood and oxygen in the body!

2. Walk 5 times in a week

By walking, I certainly do not mean that you walk ten thousand steps one day, and do not walk for the next four or five days. To see effective results, you must make walking a regular routine. Make sure that you walk at least five times in a week.

3. Add one minute intervals after every 5 minutes

Adding intervals in your walk can make the walk more intense. You can add one minute intervals of either walking backwards, or walking sideways.

4. Pick up the speed, brisk walk

In order to burn more calories with walking, brisk walk so that your heart rate increases, and you are able to sweat more and lose more fat.

5. Engage more muscles

While walking, make sure you are letting your hands lose, and are allowing them to swing, so that you are able to engage more muscles. By engaging your arm muscles, you will be able to tone your shoulders and your arms as well.

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6. Flex abdominal muscles

While walking, make sure to flex in your abdominal muscles so that you are able to strengthen your core muscles, and can burn more calories.

7. Take an uphill course

To shed more calories, try to walk uphill and downhill so that your walk is more intense and difficult, and you can burn more fat and calories.

8. Add strength training

Add strength in your walk, by making use of leg weights. Weights will help you to strengthen your leg muscles, and will prompt your metabolism rate, and will allow you to lose more calories.

Walking is one of the easiest and most effective ways of burning more calories. Walking will not only allow you to burn calories, but it will keep you healthy and away from numerous health diseases, and will improve your immune system.

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