How to Care for Your Ear

Our ear being one of our sense organs, needs to be adequately cared for and not neglected. When it comes to taking care of our bodies, we know how important it is to exercise regularly, or see the dentist twice a year get up to 8 hours of sleep and eat a well-balanced diet but we ultimately neglect taking care of our ears.

This is not possible, as we need to take proper care of our ear. Here are some tips to help you take adequate care of your ear. First, lets run through some basics you need to know with regards to your ear.
Many people think that ear wax is a bad thing, but this is not true as ear wax plays a number of very important roles, it protects the ear canal skin, assists in cleaning and lubrication and provides protection from bacteria, fungi, insects and water.

Ear wax becomes a problem when an impaction or a complete blockage of the ear occurs. The symptoms of an impaction include the following;
 Coughing
 Earache
 A feeling of fullness in the ear
 Ringing in the ear
 Itching or discharge from the ear.

1. Things you should never do to your ear

• Don’t stick anything smaller than your elbow
• No ear candling
• Don’t put sharp objects into your ear

2. Tips to take good care of your ear

Do not use ear buds, people who use ear buds or use their finger to clean their ears, in the process they damage the delicate skin, making it more prone to infection. Always dry your ears thoroughly after taking your bath or swimming. Excess exposure of the ear to water is not good.

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Avoid flying with a cold, if you have a cold, it is highly advisable not to fly especially if you experience pain during takeoff and landing. This is because of the difference in pressure inside the ear and that outside and sometimes it can lead to damage of the ear drum.

Limit exposure, loud noises from machines or music or any other thing is not good. The limit that our ears can cope with Is 85 decibels and anything above this is dangerous.

Don’t make assumptions, many people assume that ear problems are associated only with old people. This is not true. There are many causes from childhood through to old age, from conditions such as congenital loss and otosclerosis.

Use specified ear drums, it is advisable to use ear drops made of sodium bicarbonate. Olive oil is often recommended and although its not as effective, it will soften wax.

Investigate ear problems immediately, if you feel some abnormal occurrence in ear, don’t assume it is normal, don’t overlook it. You should investigate immediately and seek treatment.
Following these steps judiciously, would help us take better care for our ears.

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