How to Control Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the world’s problem when it comes to health. Thanks to the sugar produce we consume each day. We daily endanger our lives with the amount of sugar we take. It is important to know the dangers of this illness, what it means and how to counter attack this, should be the ultimate goal for every individual.  Here are few ways to know how to control diabetes.

1. The first step

Learn about diabetes, Know your diabetes ABCs, Learn how to live with diabetes, Get routine care to stay healthy. Let’s then know, what type of diabetes there are and how to deal with them, relating to this first step. There are three main types of diabetes.

2. Type 1 diabetes

Your body does not make insulin. Your body needs insulin to take the sugar from foods. These sugar in foods gives the body the energy it needs to function properly.

3. Type 2 diabetes

Your body does not make or use insulin well. This goes in the fact that you may need assistant to get insulin like taking pills or insulin to help to control your diabetes. This is the most common of all diabetes.

4. Gestational diabetes

This kind of diabetes is common among pregnant women. They seize to be present after you’ve given birth but even after that, there is still a tendency to get diabetes later on especially, if one does not rein in their sugar intake.

5. How to learn more about diabetes

Take classes. You can join a health class at the hospital, or meet a health care team. You can research online. You can also join a support group in person or online. You can join a diabetes organization to learn more.

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6. Why take care of your diabetes

Diabetes affects your health life like a heart attack, eye problems that can lead to blindness, pain, numbness, tingling, kidney issues teeth and gum problems, it zaps one’s energy and constant need pass urine, poor immune system that can’t heal wounds or sore on time, bladder infection. The list is endless. Basically diabetes can destroy you.

7. Eat less sugar

Avoid eating sugar. Especially processed sugars. Avoid sweetened drinks, or foods.

8. Eat healthy

Aim to eat all balanced meals. Don’t take in too much carbohydrates since, they can break into sugar and add to your sugar levels. Substitute every food that can increase your insulin level to normal or below normal other foods.

9. Exercise

Exercise helps to reduce excess sugar and keeps your body working strongly. One way to be healthy is to incorporate the lifestyle of exercise as it will keep you on your feet and reduce high insulin levels. It is important to know about the type of diabetes you are faced with and how to eat to not escalate the issue. Meet your Doctor and nutritionist and ask for guidance. In some cases there are certain foods, that we should never eat, no matter how good they are for some diabetic patient.

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