How To Do Concentration Curls

Concentration curls focuses on the biceps, and all it requires is a weight and a bench to sit on. It helps to keep the biceps well toned and strong. Below are steps on how to do a standard concentration curl.

1. Sit on a bench

You can only perform this exercise by sitting on a bench, so get a comfortable bench to sit on, and keep your feet flat on the floor. Your knees should form a V-shape with your legs at this point, then sit upright, keeping your shoulders back and chest out.

2. Hold your weight in your right hand

With your weight (one-handed dumbbells or kettle balls) held tightly in your right hand, put your elbow on the inner part of your right thigh and lower the weight down to the floor, slowly. Avoid making use of large weights that you won’t be able to handle easily.

3. Curl the weight upward

From step 2 below, with your weight still lowered to the floor, squeeze your bicep to lift the weight back up to you. Your upper arm and shoulder should be firm while you do this, because making them move can hinder the effectiveness of the exercise.

4. Lower the weight

The weight should be close to your chest after you have raised it really high. Now, lower the weight slowly back to the floor. Ensure that you are not too quick with this step.

5. Repeat

At this point, repeat step 3 again, by squeezing your bicep and lifting the weight back up to yourself. Then lower down again, as in step 4. Keep doing the up and down motion, and avoid taking breaks till your bicep is tired.

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6. Switch arms

All this while, you’ve been working on one arm; it’s time to switch to the other and repeat the same process as you did on the first. Then rest when you are done working out both arms to your satisfaction.

7. Avoid elbow lock

After you lower the weight, your elbow will most likely want become locked. You should try to prevent this from happening to avoid having an hyper-extended elbow, which is very painful. Ensure that you maintain the tension in your bicep while you lift and lower the weight; you should be lifting the weight back up before you can lock your elbows at all.

There are other variations of concentration curls, like performing it while standing with the torso bent forward and arm in front of you, which is more challenging than the one explained below.

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