How to Increase Appetite

Your appetite might decrease a lot if you have to eat food that you find unpleasant or some food that is known to cause weight gain. But don’t worry, there are a lot of things you can try to train your body to consume more and to start relishing in food again. Here are some great recommendations for kick-starting a hale and hearty appetite.

1. Always eat breakfast

Breakfast is actually the most crucial meal of the day. Eating a healthy and balanced breakfast increases your metabolism after a long period of not eating throughout the night and gets your body all set for the day. Eating breakfast will supply you with the required energy so you will be more active during the course of the day, as a result, increasing your appetite further.

2. Exercise

Doing some easy and simple exercises can aid in stimulating your appetite. Your body makes more energy from food after burning calories, so you’ll feel more hungry after exercising. You don’t need to put in an energetic workout at the gym for this, even a quick walk outside in the fresh air half an hour before a meal can help to arouse your appetite.

3. Drink enough liquids

You have to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. Drinking a glass of water an hour before and after a meal helps in the digestion process and makes sure that there is not too much food in the stomach at any time. You should avoid drinking too much water right before or during a meal, as this reduces your appetite and gives you a made-up sense of satisfaction.

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4. Use large plates

Consuming food in larger plates than normal ones is a mental trick which leads your brain to accept the fact that you are consuming smaller portion of food. In this way, you can consume more than if the food was heaped high on a small plate, even if it’s just the same amount of food.

5. Increase your zinc intake

Zinc is a very important mineral for the body builders. It reinforces the immune system and fuels testosterone formation. It may also help your body to create protein and repair worn-out wounds. Low zinc levels have also been related with poor cravings, as zinc is necessary to produce HCl, which controls digestion in the stomach. As a result, by increasing your zinc consumption, you can also increase your appetite.

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