How to Lose Belly Fat after 40 for Women?

Losing belly fat can be a struggle! Unfortunately, with age, losing belly fat becomes even more difficult, especially in women! Women store fat at a higher speed than men, and burn fat at a slower pace than men, and this can often become infuriating!

For a woman over 40, the perfect diet and exercise can help her lose weight, and can help to keep the hormones in control so that they do not become a cause of excessive weight gain.

This article is a woman’s guide to losing belly fat after 40, and will talk about all the possible ways through which women can maintain their weight and health!

1. Less Calories

The first and foremost thing to do, is to cut down on the calories. Do not starve yourself, but do eliminate excessive unhealthy foods from your routine.

Maintain a calorie count log, or download applications on your mobile phones that will help you keep a track of how many calories you are consuming in a day.

2. Choose the Right Food

For women over 40, who are in the pre-menopause period, fat starts to accumulate more in the belly. To ensure that less fat is accumulated around the belly, you must ensure to eat the right food.

Stay away from a diet filled with sugar, processed food and saturated fats which will enhance the accumulation of fat.

Choose lean proteins such as egg whites, fish, chicken and whey! Along with these, remember that your body needs healthy fat, so choose food items that contain healthy fat, such as avocados, nuts, dark chocolate, etc.

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3. Exercise

Exercise is essential for women of all age groups! To get rid of belly fat, you must include work-out in your daily routine.

Add high intensity cardio exercises, such as running or biking in your everyday routine. Along with that, indulge in high intensity strength training exercises which will help you to lose fat and build more muscle!

Do exercises that specially target the belly such as mountain climbers, crunches, squats, etc.

4. Stress Free Life

Most importantly, eliminate stress from your life! Stress and anxiety results in increased belly fat! Meditate more, indulge in yoga, and keep your mind calm and peaceful at all times!

Remember that fat in the belly can cause a number of health diseases, such as severe heart problems! Thus, adopt a healthy lifestyle and eliminate this fat as soon as you can!

How to Lose Belly Fat after 40 for Women

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