How to Maintain Your Weight

It is one thing to successfully lose weight, but another thing is to maintain it and this is the actual job. As you have to do all you can’t maintain this change. This is where your healthy lifestyle intensifies. As you did this same process for a weight loss, you would have to continue and take precepts upon precepts to guide you to an everlasting way of living. Here are a few ways given below to maintain healthy living.

1. Build more lean muscle through exercise

To maintain your weight and increase a faster metabolism one needs to continue the process of exercising. There are many fun ways to indulge in exercising without actually going to the gym. Just live an active life. Always keep yourself challenged even in the mundane of tasks.

2. Fight off hunger with more filling foods

Another area to keep a hold on is to regulate what you eat and when you eat. One way to ensure this is to eat foods, that contains high fiber as this will helps you to keep you filled up till your next meal time, sometimes it till later on you really feel hungry at that time try to eat whole grains, fruits, plenty vegetables and proteins.

3. Avoid temptation

For this purpose, don’t in entirety avoid temptation as you might end up indulging afterwards and then cause more damage than before. Instead pick days you will indulge in all your favorite Turkish delights and take them in small quantities, but be ready to work extra hard to counter their impact on the body.

Another measure to take is to ban forbidden foods from the house and allow indulge when you are going to eat them immediately. This could be once in a month or twice. Mark the days in which you can eat so they become something to look forward to.

4. Count calories

Make it a habit to always count your calories. Be it when grocery shopping or when you are eating anything. Count the number of times you take a spoon of everything or anything.  This will help you know how much calories you are eating of each food group.

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You can research and read about the different calorie number each spoonful of a meal contains. Take note, write down especially after the first weeks of losing weight, you want to be very careful about tipping the balance.

5. Plan your meals in advance

Don’t just eat anything because it is food, even if they are healthy. Your body is a timing factor and sometimes clustering too many foods at the same time will hinder ace functioning of the digestive system. Have time that you eat and prepare for them.

Shop for a week, cook meals and store up so that as you come home, all you have to do is reheat and eat. This will also prevent emergency times at lunch  for example, where you have to eat and you don’t have any food with you, mean you should have prepared lunch or a snack to eat during this period so you don’t eat anything because you are hungry.

6. Create a schedule for your exercise plan

Create a schedule that will fit your lifestyle or work life so you can always do your exercise no matter what. Do it before you go to work or before you go to bed.

7. Eat healthy and watch your portion sizes

It is important you eat healthy always, eating from all the food group and going according to your doctor’s or nutritionist prescription for your health balance and at the same time eat in small portions. Practice mindful eating where you turn distractions off like the T.V and keep phone aside till you’ve finished eating. You also get to listen to your body to know when you are full.

Aim to eat clean and fresh, eating at least 3 types of fruits in a day and vegetable after a day as well. Weigh yourself daily to make sure you are not off balance. Practice healthy living, read a book or books, go to the beach and meditate or have a walk. Take a hiking trip or a spa treatment. Surround yourself with good things, be it friends, good music, be happy. All the best.

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